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What is Thermography

A Proven Early Detection Method

Clinical Thermography is a simple test of physiology that relies on the sympathetic nerve control of skin blood flow and the ability of the sympathetic nervous system to respond to (and react to) pain, pathology, injury or dysfunction anywhere in the body. While other diagnostics, such as ultrasound, radiography and mammography show the body’s structure or anatomy, DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) is unique in that it shows physiological and metabolic processes.

"Thermal Imaging saved my life; now I help save others. Come talk to me at TTI in La Mesa!"
Giovanna Espiritu
"My scan covered the upper body and my report was very specific and showed informative information about areas needing attention. I appreciated the time Tina spent with me and the specific information the doctor reviewed. Great to have people who care!"
C. Piatelli
"I wish I had known about this the very first time I had problems with my breast which was FIVE years before I was diagnosed! This should be every woman’s first test!!"
N. Gonzales
"My full body scan was quick, easy and painless and my results were back in less than a week. Some new conditions were detected and instructions to remedy the conditions were included. I wish I’d known about Thermography years ago!"
B. Booth

Harmful Cell Growth

Thermal Imaging Can Detect Health Issues Up to 5 Years Sooner than Other Tests

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Detected by Thermography

Detected by Other Tests

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