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Linda HayesCertified Clinical Thermographer
Founder of Total Thermal Imaging of San Diego 

Linda Hayes, Certified Clinical Thermographer, has been using thermal imaging for early disease detection for the past 20 years. This technology has NO RADIATION and NO BODY CONTACT, and is done in a matter of minutes while you wait. It is currently recognized as one of the earliest methods of screening for breast disease. The American Heart Association suggests thermal imaging as an initial screening for heart disease.

What I want to share with you now may surprise you or it may make you angry but you’ll thank God for what I have to tell you, because it may very well save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The reality is ALL women face the threat of breast cancer. Current statistics show that one-in-eight American women will be diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime.

Click here to learn more about thermography and why you should use thermal imaging for early disease detection.

Gregory MelvinDr. Gregory Melvin D.C. B.C.C.T.
8341 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa , CA 91942

(tel: 619-303-5884)

Helix High School – La Mesa, CA 1969-1973

Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles, CA 1973-1977

California State Board License – Los Angeles, CA 1977

Spinal Column Stressology (Continued Education) – Long Beach, CA 1978-1991 Over 300 Hours

Parker Seminars (Continued Education) – Fort Worth, TX 1977-1991 Over 300 Hours

Designed Patented Spinal Stabilizing Chair – La Mesa, CA 1985 (14 Year patented FDA-approved in
1986 as a medical device for IVD stress)

International Academy of Clinical Thermology (Continued Education) – Fresno, CA 1991 (60 Hours with examination and 100 reports reviewed by examiner

Thermography Reader for Thermal Vision Inc. – San Diego, CA 1991-1994 Over 600 studies read

Color Enhanced Radiology (Originated by Dr. Greg Melvin) – San Diego, CA 1991-1996 Over 500 studies read

Integrative Thermal Imaging – La Mesa, CA 2004

Meditherm– American Academy Of Clinical Thermology – La Jolla, CA 2004 Over 60 Hours

Total Thermal Imaging (Co-Founder) Reading Doctor – La Mesa, CA 2004 to present

Over 100,000 studies read. Keynote speaker has trained over 50 doctors across the country and abroad. Reads reports for over 50 centers and is renowned for his teaching and training techniques.




Theresa WilliamsCertified Clinical Thermographer

Theresa Williams, CCT has been doing thermography for the past five years and has participated in the family thermography business for over 20 years.

Theresa received her certification in Clinical Thermography through Duke University and Med Hot Thermal Imaging.

She also graduated from Bryman Medical University with high honors.

Theresa is currently the thermographer for the La Mesa Office with Dr. Melvin, the reading doctor for the thermal imaging practice.